Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Resigned the job in Consona

Hello all.

October 09th 2009 was my last day in Consona Mysore. if u dont know abt my employment in consona i will give u a brief history...
it was in Feb 2005 i was then working in AT&S as Apprenties Trainee.. i was back from a long leave of a month or so.. My Father had expired resently and my finances where weak... i was thinking of taking a second job as it was tough to maintain a family of 3 member with a mear salary of 2650rs , in fact i joined a spoken english course in the hope of getting in to a call center job ( call center jobs where famous at that time with lots of openings) , and all these informations i was sharing with my Colleuges so one fine day Mr. G.M.Manjunath came up and told me that there is a company in Blore which is looking out for CAM engineers and would i be intresed to join he would reffer me as the Manager was his friend. i was thrilled , i would get a chance to work in blore, the Most happening city in south india and they pay good salary.. then i forwarded my resume to HDS and i got a call one evening in late March . i discussed the prospects as finally i was called for a face to face interview in blore.. i attended the interview , it was not much of a technical interview it was more of a personal interview.. at last they asked me how much would i expect in sal... so i gathered all my strength and told them tht " A five digit salary will be good enf for me" , ( my first mistake starts in consona) i should have been more specific. they agreed on 10k i was happy as well.
it was on 11th May that i told my manager in ATS that i am quiting. he tried to convince me , i didnt agree so he let me go on 13th.. it was my last day with ATS . i said good bye to all and walked away.. went home to KSD , stayed there for some time .
i came to blore for the third time in my life , i had an offer letter . i joined Consona( then Cimnet) on 30th of May..
so ever since i was a loyal servent of consona. i have been there for 51 Months and 11days to be precise. a great learning experience for sure... today wat i am is only bcoz of consona and the management there.. i thank them for bringing my life to a balance.. so my final days in consona is quite dramatic.. i was thinking of quiting cimnet from the sixth month after i joined there. but in my life there where always times where i would have to take a decision that would not hurt my mom my sis or my finances... i thought of continuing. and years together passed. i was moved to mysore as cimnet opening its new branch office in Mysore( Second Mistake i made in cimnet is the decision i agreed to move to mysore for the new office.)
so obviously as mysore is a paradise of retired ppl i too retired to the comfortness of mysore never tried for a job seriously. a few offers came alone which i rejected. i dont regret abt rejecting those offers , my life would have been changed if i have accepted it..

i am happy now. i am free.. and i want to start a new career... all the best for me...

( more stories abt consona life in next post)


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Anonymous said...

mysore is beautiful, but I had no idea it was a retirement paradise. I am quite shocked that only 4+ yeas at 10K allows you to retire. I wonder what the immigration policy is from the US to India...